current activity

march 2017- performance of Path and Perfect For... at Danspace in NYC february 2017- performance of Perfect For... at Gibney Dance Center in NYC january 2017 - performance of Perfect For... at Symphony Space in NYC with The Bang Group and Pauline Kim Harris january 2017 - Antinomy: A Portrait of Henry Cowell a contribution to Notes From Sub-Underground, released on Inauguration Day december 2016 - performance of Gentle Alternations and Lullaby at Spectrum in NYC by Marija Ilić december 2016 - lecture at the Decomposition Series, Martha's Vineyard september 2016 - performance of Perfect For... at the 92nd Street Y in NYC with The Bang Group and Pauline Kim Harris june 21, 2016 - 10 multi-city, international performances of Stones/Water/Time/Breath in North America and Europe in coordination with International Make Music Day may/june 2016 – "mathematical music" playlist broadcast for WebSYNradio in France march 2016 – premiere of Path (for Flexible Orchestra) in NYC january 2016 - publication of Approaching Completeness in The Ear Reader. Available for download here summer 2015 - launch of april/may 2015 – sound installation of Island at Berlin sound gallery Ohrenhoch der Geräuschladen february 2015 - Combinations, Path, and Perfect For Mioi Takeda at Spectrum in NYC november 2014 - Combinations and Path (premiere) at The Wulf in Los Angeles august 2014 - South American premiere of Lullaby and other works at La Scala de San Telmo in Buenos Aires april 2014 - broadcast premiere of the Portraits suite in Melbourne, Australia february 2014 - performance of Combinations and Questions and Answers with Karin Rosenthal and Marianne Goldberg, Martha's Vineyard december 2013 - performance of This Is My Letter To The World by Compositum Musicae Novae in Miami october 2013 - portrait concert in Los Angeles at The Wulf september 2013 - publication of Maybe They Are Already There in The Open Space Magazine. Available for download here summer 2013 - installation with Russell Craig Richardson of Stones/Water/Time/Breath at the Awangarda Gallery in Wrocław, Poland april 2013 - performance of I Think So, Too, wind quintet, at Studio 353 in NYC