Stones/Water/Time/Breath (2012, text score) [video] ++ [score]
I Think So, Too (2009/2012, wind quintet) [mp3] [score]
Duplets (2012, Sharon Kim, voice, Mvt. I, vocal solo) [mp3] [score]
Perfect for ... (2011, Morgan Gerstmar, solo violin, live recording) [mp3] [score]
Ariel (2003/2011, string quartet, MIDI recording) [mp3] [score]
Unconfirmed Report (2011, graphic score) [mp3] ++ [score]
Life is What Happens (2010, digital pastiche) [mp3]
Lullaby (2010, Dean Rosenthal, piano, live at 'the wulf') [mp3] [score]
Menemsha Village (2010, field recording) [mp3] [notes]
Displacement (2009, piano or two solo instruments) [mp3] ++ [score] ++
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Please contact me through this site if you would like to perform or have performed any of these pieces.



Your Fine Promises (Live, Joan La Barbara, voice, 1997) [mp3]
Songs from the Japanese (Live, 2000, violin and soprano) [mp3]
Underpinnings (Live, 1998, ensemble) [Trace Label] [mp3]

electronic/digital pastiche

Ear Trainer (1996, digital pastiche) [mp3]


Portrait Series (1997, digital pastiche)

[Download All Portraits]

Luciano Berio: "Sinfonierien" (Sinfonia/Cathy Berberian) [mp3]
Thomas Buckner: "Buddhist Spouting Sadness on the Train" [mp3]
John Cage:"Kansas Has This About It" [mp3]
Cornelius Cardew:"1959 to 1969" [mp3]
Henry Cowell: "Antinomy" [mp3]
Morton Feldman: "For Morton Feldman" [mp3]
Glenn Gould’s Goldberg, 1955: "A Gouldberg Variation" [mp3]
Lou Harrison: "It Would Enter Invisibly…" [mp3]
Erik Satie: "Satieated" [mp3]