Dean Rosenthal :: catalog

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Instrumental Music


  • Unconfirmed Report (2011) [download]
    An open, graphic score based on an EKG reading of the composer's cardiac health taken in October 2009. For any number of players. Premiered January 22, 2012 – Elastic Arts Foundation – Chicago
  • I Think So, Too (2009/2012) [download]
    A six by six modular multiplication table is the basis of a ten and a half minute treatment of expressions, developments, and variations, scored for wind quintet. Also available for two flutes, two Bb clarinets, two bassoons. Premiered April 20, 2012 – Studio 353 – NYC
  • Ariel (2003, arr. 2009) [download]
    Also available as a choral work, this movement for string quartet is based on the rhythms and cadences of Sylvia Plath's poem "Ariel"
  • This Is My Message to the World (2003)
    A setting of Emily Dickinson’s poem for guitar and voice. Premiered December 20, 2013 – First Presbyterian Church – Miami
  • In Just Spring… (2003)
    A setting of e.e. cumming’s famous poem for two violins and voice
  • Songs from the Japanese (1999–2000)
    Music for many Japanese poems, each sung briefly, for soprano and violin; about 18 minutes.  May be sung as a song cycle or performed in groupings, or as solos. Premiered circa 2000 – Gallery Bershad – Somerville, MA
  • Castles and Arias (1999)
    A 7-note melody plays itself out over one movement according to a simple formula.  For chamber orchestra
  • Embodied Naked (1998)
    Music to poetry by Kabbalah scholar Elliot Wolfson: for soprano or tenor voice, piano, oboe, and cello, with a prelude and a postlude for string trio Prelude and postlude may be played on their own, separately or together, as two movements
  • Underpinnings (1998)
    A chamber orchestra plays ascending chromatic scales out of phase, describing a painting by American painter Jasper Johns. Premiered circa 1997 – California Institute of the Arts – Valencia, CA. First recording 2007 – Trace Label – Paris
  • Your Fine Promises (1997)
    Music to Kenneth Rexroth’s translation of Fujiwara no Mototoshi’s poetry. For piano and soprano. Premiered circa 1997 – Royal Academy of Music – London


  • Path (2014) [download]
    The music of all 24 permutations of 1-2-3-4 graphed and performed as a Hamiltonion path. Drawing included with score. For solo oboe or possible solo wind instruments. Premiered November 8, 2014 – the wulf – Los Angeles (by Joe Thel)
  • Perfect for ... (2011) [download]
    The music of a perfect tiling of four consecutive points, order fifteen, length sixty. For solo violin or viola. Premiered March 10, 2012 – Uncertainty Series – New Haven, CT
  • Lullaby  (2010) [download]
    For piano solo, about 2 minutes, dedicated to the composer's niece and nephew. Premiered October 4, 2013 – the wulf – Los Angeles (by the composer)
  • One for Karin  (undated)
    A short, sprightly piece for piano, with an American sensibility
  • December  (2003)
    A very short, sensitive, meditative piece for piano solo
  • Organ Music  (2002)
    A virtuoso piece for organ consisting of many arpeggios and multiple canons

Piano Four-Hands

  • Combinations (2011) [download]
    All 2036 combinations of a ten note chord, taken one note once, then two notes, then ten according to a non-trivial rhythmic design and original scale. Intended for two pianists at one piano, but also possible to be performed with two pianos. Premiered October 4, 2013 – the wulf – Los Angeles

Choral and Voice

  • Duplets (2012) [download]
    Duplet tilings for solo voice. Premiered March 10, 2012 – Uncertainty Series – New Haven, CT
  • Our Gazes (2009) [download]
    A round in two (2) voices. Words by American poet Henry Lyman
  • Ariel (2003) [download]
    SATB – Choral music for Sylvia Plath’s poem of the same name. Also available in arrangement for string quartet


  • Stones/Water/Time/Breath (2012) [download]
    Premiered – Wilson's Landing, Edgartown Great Pond – Martha's Vineyard, MA
  • Electronic

    • Life Is What Happens (2010) [download]
      First broadcast March 6, 2013 – "Music For Internets" WRIU-FM – Providence, RI
    • Portraits (1997) [download]
      A suite of biographical miniatures for tape, commissioned by Morton Subotnick.  Each miniature also available separately for broadcast and multimedia performance. Like all music, these pieces can accompany animation, film, dance, and so forth. First broadcast circa 1998 – "Other Voices, Other Sounds" KUNM–FM – Albequerque, NM. First broadcast of entire suite April 7, 2014 – "The Sound Barrier" PBS 106.7-FM – Melbourne, Australia
    • Luciano Berio: "Sinfonierien" (Sinfonia/Cathy Berberian)
    • Thomas Buckner: "Buddhist Spouting Sadness on the Train"
    • John Cage: "Kansas Has This About It"
    • Cornelius Cardew: "1959 to 1969"
    • Henry Cowell: "Antinomy"
    • Morton Feldman: "For Morton Feldman"
    • Glenn Gould’s Goldberg, 1955: "A Gouldberg Variation"
    • Lou Harrison: "It Would Enter Invisibly…"
    • Erik Satie: "Satieated"
    • Ear Trainer (1996)
      A structured sound environment for tape/electronics. First public reception June 14, 1996 – Stornoway Gallery – Montréal